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Niagara Falls Industrial Accident: Worker Caught in Large Roller Machine

In a Niagara Falls industrial accident on Friday night, a worker at the Cascade Plant was crushed in a massive that feeds paper through machinery. CPR was performed at the scene after the worker was extracted from the massive equipment. He was taken to Erie County Medical Center where the man’s condition is listed as critical but stable.

The name of the worker has not been released to the public nor the media pending notification of family members. Thus far all that is known about the man is that he was a worker at the plant and that he is 40 years old.

Little is known about what caused the Niagara Falls industrial accident at the Cascade Plant. Officials from the company report that at about 8:30 on Friday night, the worker somehow got pulled into the massive paper roller. He was crushed between the rollers associated with the equipment.

No specific information exists as to how long the man was trapped in the equipment. Circumstances suggest that fellow workers at the plant were quick to rescue the man from the machine. Moreover, it also appears that emergency medical personnel were quick to the scene.

The Niagara Falls industrial accident occurred at a facility owned by the Cascade company that manufacture what is known as containerboard packaging. The company calls itself a leader in the manufacturing of containerboard packaging. According to the Cascade website, it’s containerboard products are:

Perfectly adapted to your needs, our complete lines of sustainable containerboard are designed with cutting-edge technology and deliver consistently high quality.

For the most part 100% recycled, our linerboard and corrugated medium along with our technical expertise provide the best possible combinations for effective packaging solutions that will maximize your efficiency.

An investigation into the cause of the Niagara Falls industrial accident commenced directly after the worker was transported to the hospital. The investigation is being headed up by the Niagara Falls Police Department. The Niagara Falls Fire Department was also at the scene of the plant accident.

The possibility does exist that other agencies may become involved in the investigation of the Niagara Falls industrial accident. Among the agencies that are likely to become involved in determining the cause of the Cascade Plant accident in New York is the U.S. Occupational and Safety Health Administration or OSHA.

At this time, there is no ready information about prior accidents the Niagara Cascade Plant. If there have been prior incidents that the plant of this nature, that information is likely to be available yet this week.

The company has not issued and statement about the Niagara Falls industrial accident as of a bit over a day following the incident. A statement is expected at some juncture from the company.

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