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One Dead, One Missing in Flint Explosion

One person is dead and one individual is missing in the aftermath of last night’s Flint explosion. Two other people also are known to be injured in the Flint explosion accident. The missing individual is thought to be a child. The explosion occurred at about 9:30 p.m. in a neighborhood in west Flint in the 3900 block of Hogarth Avenue, between Nedra and Walton avenues.

Cause of Flint Explosion Not Known

As of Tuesday morning, investigators have not yet been able to identify the cause of the Flint Explosion. People within a five-mile radius of the blast have reported that they not only heard but felt the explosion in their own residences.

Speculation at this time is that the Flint explosion accident may be associated with a natural gas pipeline rupture or otherwise associated with gas utility service. Consumers Energy, the utility company that provides natural gas to the Flint neighborhood in which the explosion occurred, has released a short statement regarding the possibility that something related to natural gas service is the underlying cause of the blast:

Aside from damage caused directly by the explosion, we have not found any issues on our natural gas system,” the statement reads. “No cause has been established. We are working closely with local public safety officials to assist in their investigation and will be on site today.

The bottom line as of Tuesday morning is that the investigation really is only now getting underway in regard to identifying the cause of the Flint explosion accident. Consumers Energy has cut off natural gas service to the area in the neighborhood where the explosion occurred.

One Flint Explosion Death

As mentioned a moment ago, one person is known to have been killed in the Flint explosion accident. The name of that individual has not been made available as of Tuesday. The person who lost his or her life in the explosion is identified as a resident of one of the houses that were destroyed in the explosion and fire.

Person Missing Following Deadly Explosion

One individual is still classified as missing on Tuesday morning, about 12 hours after the initial explosion. Flint Fire Department officials have indicated that they believe that the missing person is a child.

There were tweets from witnesses at the time of the fire that underscore the possibility that the missing person is a child:

A house blew up and this lady is screaming she couldn’t get her baby out. I’m in pure years over here.

She also tweeted:

My child is safely sleeping on my leg while another mother is screaming in pain because hers was stuck in a fire. Jesus.

Extent of Fling Explosion Injuries

There is no information available regarding the nature and extent of injuries sustained by the two individuals that have been hospitalized as a result of the Flint explosion. The names of these people have not been released to the press or public as of this time.

Extent of Flint Explosion Damage

The explosion appears to have occurred at one residence. There have been some reports that multiple explosions occurred Monday night, however nothing has yet been confirmed in that regard.

Three houses have been destroyed as a result of the blast and ensuing fire. Four surrounding homes also sustained some level of damages as a result of the Flint explosion. There is no information as to whether damages have been sustained to any other homes, businesses, and other properties that are within the five-mile zone in which the explosion was heard and felt. More information about the full extent of damage is likely to be available later on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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