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Pair of Dallas Car Accidents on Interstate 35E Kill Two, Injure Six

A pair of Dallas car accidents occurred in close proximity to one another on Interstate 35E on Saturday night. Two people were killed. At least six other people were injured. At least two of the six injured individuals are list in critical condition at Parkland Hospital.

First Interstate 35E Saturday Night Dallas Car Accident

The first Interstate 35E Saturday night Dallas car accident occurred just before 9:00 Saturday night. Prior to the accident, a car had broken down on the highway. The incapacitated vehicle was on the shoulder of the roadway.

The driver of a second vehicle pulled over to provide assistance to the operator of the disabled car. The driver of the car was standing between his vehicle and that of the individual that stopped to assist. While the driver of the disabled automobile was in this position, a third vehicle somehow veered off the highway and onto the shoulder.

The third vehicle, described as a sports car, sped into the rear end of one of the two vehicles stopped on the shoulder. The impact caused both stopped vehicles to slam into one another, with the driver of the first car still between the pair of cars. The crushing impact killed the driver of the first stopped automobile.

Dallas Fire Rescue responded and were at the scene no long after the catastrophic collision. Emergency medical personnel pronounced the man crushed between the two vehicles dead at the scene. The name of the man killed in the tragic collision has not been released to the press or public.

A passenger in the first vehicle, the car that was disabled for some reason, was also taken to an area hospital. No information about the injuries sustained by this person, the individual’s gender, or name have been released as of Sunday.

The driver of the sports car that slammed into the stopped vehicles is described as a minor. There was another passenger in that vehicle as well who is also said to be underage. Both of these individuals were taken to Parkland Hospital. Their genders, names, and extent of injuries have not been released.

Second Interstate 35E Saturday Night Dallas Car Accident

At about the same time the crash occurred involving the sports car that slammed into the pair of vehicles on the shoulder of Interstate 35E, a second fatal accident occurred along the same general stretch of highway. The second Interstate 35E Dallas car accident has no relationship to the first one.

In the second incident, two Dallas sheriff’s deputies were driving on Interstate 35E toward Parkland Hospital. The deputies were each in their own squad car. The deputies came upon a stalled vehicle on the highway.

One of the deputies was pushing the stalled vehicle off of the highway. He was using the squad car to get the disabled vehicle off of the roadway. At the same time, the other deputy was blocking traffic with his squad car.

A sedan motoring on the highway lost control at the scene of the disabled car. The sedan slammed into the back of the squad car that was blocking traffic on the interstate.

A 17-year-old boy who was in the sedan was killed, pronounced dead at the scene. Two men that were in the sedan were ejected from that vehicle at the time of the accident. The two men were taken to Parkland Hospital and are listed in critical condition.

The Dallas Sheriff’s deputy that was in the squad car being used to block traffic was also taken to Parkland Hospital. He is reported to have neck and back injuries. The Sheriff’s Department advises that several other vehicles were involved in some manner in these two accidents.

No one has been charged in either of the accidents. An investigation is now underway in regard to both deadly accidents.

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