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Virginia Home Depot Worker Crushed by Forklift

Another U.S. forklift fatality occurred at a Home Depot in Virginia this past week. The deadly forklift accident occurred at about midnight at a Home Depot located on Merrilee Drive in Fairfax County. Paul Gato, a Home Depot employee, was pronounced dead by emergency medical personnel at the scene. Paul Gato was 43.

Cause of Fatal Virginia Forklift Accident

Paul Gato was operating a forklift to unload items from a delivery truck. The forklift somehow fell over in the process. Gato was crushed under the forklift after it teetered over. The driver of the delivery truck Gato was unloading immediately summoned emergency medical services and the police.

Police Release Statement Regarding Deadly Virginia Forklift Accident

Emergency medical personnel and local police officers quickly responded to the scene of the fatal Virginia forklift accident. The police issued a press release regarding the grim incident:

The driver of the delivery truck heard the loud crash, noticed the deceased under the forklift and immediately summoned emergency medical services and police. At this time, detectives determined that there is no indication of criminal activity. The investigation is still active, and our detectives are working with officials from the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Police made clear that no criminality appears to be involved in the death of the Home Depot employee in the Virginia forklift accident.

Home Depot Issues Statement Regarding Death of Paul Gato

Paul Gato was a longtime employee of Home Depot. Home Depot issued a statement in regard to the untimely death of its employee, Paul Gato. Through a company spokesperson, Home Depot remarked:

Paul was a happy, friendly and caring person who was always there when someone needed a hand. We’re heartbroken by the loss of our friend and fellow associate of nine years, and his family is in our prayers.

Friend Explains Paul Gato Was Pursuing the American Dream

According to a friend of the deceased Home Depot worker, Paul Gato came to the United States a year ago to “pursue the American dream.” According to the friend:

Even before his cup is full, he’s helping people … He was a huge-hearted person, very positive minded person, very giving and very nurturing. If there’s one thing we’ll miss Paul for mostly it would be for his generosity, concern and his caring nature.

2021 Deadly Year for Forklift Accidents

2021 has been a relatively deadly year when it comes to forklift accidents in the United States. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, advises that it has investigated 15 forklift deaths in 10 states during the course of 2021.

Investigation Ongoing Into Fatal Virginia Forklift Accident

Police from Fairfax County as well as other officials are involved in an ongoing investigation into the death of Paul Gato. There is no specific information about the focus of the investigation at this time, nor is there any news about how long the inquiry is expected to last.

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