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81 Units Destroyed in Massive Boulder Condo Fire on Tony Pearl Street

A devastating fire broke out at the Whittier Place Condominiums on Pearl Steet in Boulder, Colorado, only a few blocks away from the madly popular Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall. The upscale condos were in a complex that included a number of different buildings. Much of the complex was completely destroyed by the intense fire. The possibility does exist that some of the 81 individual units may be salvageable despite the catastrophic nature of the Boulder condo fire. However, at this time, the entire complex is unlivable.

Three People Remain Unaccounted-For Following the Boulder Condo Fire

As of Saturday, October 23, 2021, questions remain about whether or not there have been any fatalities as a result of the Boulder condo complex fire. There were people known to be injured as a result of the fire. However, three people still remain unaccounted for at this time. Local law enforcement officials have reached out the public asking residents of the complex to make sure to contact the Boulder Police Department to identify themselves. Specifically, anyone who lives at the complex or recently visited the complex is asked to contact Detective Sharon Ramos at 303-710-6039.

Firefighters were able to contain the Boulder condo fire in a fairly short period of time, in a matter of a few hours. With that said, smoldering spots throughout the complex remained needing attention, a process that wore onward into the day following the fire.

The smoldering remains of the fire, coupled with the presumed instability of what remained of the structures at the site, rendered in initially impossible for rescue personnel to work through the complex. This reality contributed to the fact that questions remain about the statue of a few residents.

Cause of the Boulder Condo Fire Not Known

Investigators immediately started work to identify the cause of the devastating Boulder condo fire. Also as of October 23, no information has been forthcoming from investigators as to the cause of the blaze. With that said, there is some speculation that because residents and visitors have been asked to make contact with a Boulder Police Department detective that the possibility of arson or some other type of criminal conduct has not yet been ruled out.

In many cases, fires at residential complexes of this nature are the result of explosions. The three primary reasons for these types of mishaps are:

  • Gas service pipeline rupture
  • Gas service malfunction in an individual unit
  • Construction-related accident

In the matter of the Boulder condo fire, there is no indication that any type of explosion occurred. Moreover, the utility that provides natural gas service to the area does no appear to be involved in the investigation as of this time. Moreover, there evidently was no construction in process at the complex at the time of the blaze.

Recognizing these factors does not mean that the only prospect is arson or some other type of criminal conduct. However, these common causes of residential fires appear to have been eliminated, rendering the list of possible reasons for the fire to become shorter (and including arson or some other nefarious conduct).

No one involved in the investigation of the Boulder condo fire has provided any insight into how long the investigatory process will take. Indeed, no information has been dispatched in regard to the present status of the investigation.

Legal Rights Following Boulder Condo Fire

If you are a resident of the Whittier Place Condominiums, you likely have some very significant questions about your legal rights in the aftermath of blaze. A Boulder condo fire lawyer at The Doan Law Office is available to answer any questions you might have at this time. You can connect with our firm any time of the day or night by calling us at (720) 767-0000.

We can schedule a no-obligation and no-cost initial consultation with a Boulder condo fire lawyer at our offices, located a few blocks from the Whittier Place Condominiums at:

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We can also arrange a virtual consultation with a Boulder condo fire attorney online.

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