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Catastrophic Houston Airplane Accident Takes No Lives

An airplane taking off from Houston Executive Airport was involved in a catastrophic accident. 18 passengers and three crew members were onboard the aircraft at the time of its demise. The private airplane was completely destroyed as a result of the crash and associated fire. No one was killed in this Houston plane crash. Two people were transported to the hospital, although their injuries do not appear to be serious.

The word “miraculous” is being attached to the fact that no one was killed at the time of the Houston airplane accident and (at least as of a couple hours after the crash) no one onboard or on the ground appears to have suffered serious injuries of any sort.

In the aftermath of the Houston airplane accident, the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA reported basic information about the doomed aircraft:

  • The aircraft was a McDonnel-Douglas MD-80
  • The airplane evidently failed to gain altitude at the time of takeoff
  • The aircraft ran off the runway and then across a roadway
  • The airplane fully ran aground in a field across from the airfield
  • Those onboard the plane were able to evacuate only moments before the aircraft was fully engulfed in flames

No information is available about the potential cause of the fiery accident. Indeed, at this time it is not even known if there is any speculation as to what caused the takeoff disaster. Only the tail end of the airplane remained after the accident and once the fire was extinguished. A photo from KSAN was tweeted to the public once the fire was put out. The photo is presented here for your information.

With assistance from the FAA, the investigation into the Houston airplane crash is headed up by the National Transportation Safety Board. The NTSB is the U.S. governmental agency primarily assigned to investigate many airplane accidents in the country.

The plane was bound for Boston. Passengers on board were headed to a championship series game between the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox, according to officials from Houston Executive Airport.

The aircraft is registered to a Houston area businessman named J. Alan Kent. He is the owner of Flair Builders, which is a custom home building enterprise that is based in Houston. He is reported to have been on board the airplane at the time of the accident.

The airplane did take out some powerlines at the time of the accident. (It is unclear whether the powerline matter contributed to the crash.) According to CenterPoint Energy, just under 2,000 customers lost their electrical service as a result of the accident. CenterPoint Energy did not that power was to be restored in a relatively short period of time.

The reality is that overall aircraft crashes are most often apt to occur during takeoff or landing. In that sense, there is nothing out of the ordinary in regard to this Houston airplane accident. The fact that everyone was able to walk off the aircraft and that no one died is unusual, as was noted previously.

The three most commonplace reasons wrecks of this nature occur are:

  • Mechanical malfunction
  • Pilot error
  • Combination of mechanical malfunction and pilot error

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