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Chicago Crane Collapse Stops CTA Trains, Results in Residential Building Evacuation

A crane collapse brought a pair of Chicago Transit Authority train lines (the Chicago L) to a dead stop and forced the evacuation of a nearby residential building. Amazingly, no injuries have been reported as a result of the Chicago crane collapse. An eyewitness to the toppling of the crane stated that he saw the crane operator himself crawl out from the equipment wreckage. The crane operator is said to have dodged injuries and declined to be examined at a nearby medical center.

The equipment, technically known as a drill rig or drill head crane, is used to drill holes into the ground into which concrete will be poured. The crane was in use at a construction site for the CTA Red Line. The Red Line is under reconstruction in an area that involves a trio of stations:

  • Berwyn
  • Lawrence Avenue
  • Bryn Mawr

The crane collapse occurred on the L platform at the Bryn Mawr station. Of the three stations, the Bryn Mawr stop is the only one currently open to passengers. Indeed, the Bryn Mawr station is located in a congested area, in regard to commuter, roadway, and pedestrian traffic as well as a cluster of nearby buildings.

These include an array of residential structures, one of which was evacuated as a result of the crane collapse. The residential building that is now evacuated is on nearby Winthrop Avenue.

As of Wednesday evening, there is no definitive headcount on the number of people who are currently displaced as a result of the construction accident. Moreover, no timeframe has yet been provided regarding when these individuals may be able to return to their nearby residences.

While the incident generally is being described as a crane collapse, technically the equipment toppled over. The crane itself did not disassemble in some manner before hitting the ground, as is the case when a collapse occurs. In this instance, the crane is described by workers and others at the scene as having lost its balance or center, resulting in the equipment toppling over.

Make no mistake: a crane collapse or a crane toppling over can have dire consequences. The fact that no one has been reported injured in this incident is what some might call “miraculous.” A photo taken by Twitter user “Berkin 4C” illustrates how narrowly the Chicago crane collapse thus far has avoided being a more significant calamity. We share that image with you here for your consideration.

No information is yet available on the cause of the Chicago crane collapse or drill rig toppling. Investigators are at the scene attempting to ascertain what has occurred. In addition, workers and other witnesses to the incident are being thoroughly interviewed by the investigation team.

Time and again, in the aftermath of crane collapses, topplings, and other incidents, investigators conclude that this type of construction accident was avoidable. Far more often than not, a determination is made that a crane accident is the result of a failure of safety or operational procedures.

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