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Devastating Dallas Gas Explosion Accident Sends Eight to Hospital

A Dallas gas explosion devastated an apartment complex. The Dallas apartment complex explosion sent a total of eight people to the hospital, some of which are in critical condition. The injured included four firefighters who responded to the blast and four individuals who were on the scene of the apartment complex at the time of the explosion.

Three of the four firefighters are the individuals listed in critical condition. One firefighter and all four of the injured civilians are now registered as being in stable condition. In fact, as of Friday morning, the firefighter with the least severe injuries had been released from the hospital. None of the names of the victims of the Dallas gas explosion have been released to the public.

As of Friday, there appear to have been no individuals injured by the blast who were living or other located off of the premises of the apartment complex at the time of the explosion. The blast may have caused damage to surrounding properties however information on that type of damage has not yet been available to the media or to the public.

Firefighters Respond to 911 Call About Gas Leak

A 911 emergency call went out from the apartment complex on Wednesday. The telephone call was initiated prior to the explosion.

The caller reported the strong smell of natural gas at the location. Firefighters were dispatched to the scene to investigate and address the possibility of a natural gas leak at the location.

Dallas Gas Explosion Occurs During Investigation of Possible Leak

Firefighters began investigating the source of what appeared to be some sort of naturel gas leak at the time of their arrival on site. Not long into their search for the cause of the natural gas smell, the catastrophic blast occurred. Evidently the firefighters had no other warning that an explosion was eminent beyond the smell of natural gas.

Building Collapses After Blast

The Dallas gas explosion proved to be very powerful. The blast resulted in the immediate collapse of the two-story apartment building in which the leak evidently occurred. The building is a total loss. There is yet no specific information about the number of individual residences that were destroyed in the explosion. Moreover, beyond those people who were injured in the explosion, authorities do not yet know how many residents of the apartment complex have been displaced as a result of the blast. That information should be forthcoming soon.

Investigation Underway into Cause of Dallas Gas Explosion

An official investigation immediately was launched into what caused this Texas gas explosion. The fire department has been joined by other local agencies in the investigation. In addition, state and federal investigators are also involved in the effort.

Drones currently are being used to obtain an overview of the wreckage No time frame has yet been provided as to when the investigation into the blast will wrap up.

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