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Devastation Continues: 250 People Remain Displaced After Dallas Apartment Complex Explosion

Last week, we reported that residents of Oak Cliff complex remained displaced following a devastating Dallas apartment complex explosion. At the time of our last article on the Dallas apartment complex explosion, we were able to report:

  • Hundreds of residents remain displaced (the more precise figure being about 300 people)
  • Eight people hospitalized as a result of the Dallas apartment complex explosion
  • Three people (all firefighters) remain hospitalized and in stable but critical condition
  • Cause of catastrophic blast: unknown

Today, we are able to report:

  • 250 people remain displaced as a result of the explosion accident
  • Three people (all firefighters) remain hospitalized, an update on their conditions now immediately available
  • Cause of catastrophic blast: unknown

Residents Allowed Back in to Retrieve Personal Items

Displaced residents of the Oak Cliff apartment complex were permitted back on the premises for a matter of minutes during the past week in order to (finally) collect some of their necessary personal belongings. The residents literally were only able to gather some very basic items, like clothing and toiletries.

The residents gleaned little to no additional information as to the status of their displacement from their homes. A common comment among these individuals was that the apartment complex owners and management continued to provide next to no information about the aftermath of the blast, including when they may be able to return home.

Evidently, sections of the apartment complex remain closed for a couple of reasons. (Bear in mind that naming these reasons is something of an act in speculation. Not have complex owners and managers as well as official investigators been tight-lipped about the circumstances at hand with residents, the media and public has been largely blacked out as well.) The possible reasons for the closure include:

  • Concerns regarding instability associated with some units
  • Concerns associated with gas leak issues
  • Lack of gas service to some units as a result of instability and worries about ongoing leakage

Future of Resident Temporary Lodging Uncertain

Thus far during the displacement, Oak Cliff residents were provided lodging at a local hotel. Issues surrounding that lodging was expected to come to a head this weekend as a result of the Texas – Oklahoma University football game slated for the Cotton Bowl. The hotel in question (together with hotels and motels throughout the area) were heavily booked as a result of football fans descending into the city for the Texas-OU game.

On Saturday morning, little information has been made available regarding what is being done to ensure that the 250-plus Oak Cliff residents do maintain appropriate temporary “housing” in light of the football game issue. Speculation has been that temporary lodging was being arranged where vacant hotel or motel rooms can be found. Having noted that possibility, speculation abounds in the aftermath of the Dallas apartment complex explosion, including regarding the cause of the bast.

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