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Indianapolis Gas Explosion Injures Five

Five people were injured in a catastrophic Indianapolis gas explosion on Friday, October 22, 2021. Four of the injured individuals were hospitalized. One person evidently sustained minor injuries and did not want to be taken to the emergency room. The people who were taken to the hospital evidently remain at the medical center. No specific information has been released about the specific state of the patients who are hospitalized.

Two pet cats evidently resided at the home. One of the cats was rescued immediately after the blast. The second cat crawled uninjured from the wreckage after the fire was extinguished.

The house itself ended up completely engulfed in flames within minutes after the explosion. All of the exterior walls of the residence evidently were blown out in the explosion.

Cause of Indianapolis Gas Explosion

Much ado is made about not digging into the ground without first obtaining an inspection about electric and gas pipelines that might rest below the surface. For example, an accidental gas pipeline rupture can have devastating consequences.

In the case of the Indianapolis gas explosion, investigators tentatively have identified the cause of the blast. Investigators believe that the explosion was caused as the result of the construction of an in-ground residential fire pit. The fire pit was built directly over a natural gas service line connected to the residence in question.

In the aftermath of the explosion, investigators excavated below the fire pit. In doing so, they discovered that the gas service line was damaged below the fire pit. At this time, the tentative conclusion is that damage to the gas service line was the precursor and ultimate cause of the massive explosion.

A final report on the Indianapolis gas explosion is expected to be issued in the immediate future. Based on the early results of the investigation, it does appear that investigators have pinpointed the exact cause of the blast. They currently are examining what, if any, additional factors may have played into the explosion. Investigators are also working to identify how the fire pit was installed above the gas service line as occurred in this case.

Neighbor Describes Explosion

A neighbor across the street from the residence that went up in flames described the event:

I was watching the morning news when I heard a loud explosion and it shook my whole house,” she said, noting she initially believed that a branch from a large tree in her front yard had fallen on her home. I thought well damn, we’ve been waiting for one of those tree branches to fall. Not even 10 seconds later my daughter is yelling “mom, the neighbor’s house is on fire! Hurry! Get out here!” Soon as I walked out my back door you could feel the heat. She called 911 as she and other neighbors tried to help the victims. In moments the area was a blur of sirens and calls for help. I just couldn’t believe it.

Although no specific information is yet available, the intensity of the blast may have resulted in at least some damage to neighboring properties. With that said, all of the injured people were on the premises of the home where the blast itself occurred.

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