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New York Neurologist Raped Patients

A New York neurologist is accused of raping and otherwise sexually abusing multiple patients over a 15-year period of time. The sexual victimization of the patients of Dr. Ricardo Cruciani occurred not only in New York but in New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well. The patients raped and sexually assaulted by the neurologist went to Cruciani for help with debilitation chronic pain. Information about his medical practice indicates that Cruciani held himself out professionally as being able to treat rare pain syndromes.

Information about the doctor’s predatory misconduct reveals that he groomed many patients during the referenced 15-year period of time. The grooming process employed by Cruciani included rendering his patients dependent on him for care and treatment but also for prescriptions to addictive opioid medications.

The grooming process also included ever-increasingly more invasive appointments with patients. In other words, what began as alleged medical procedures and treatments evolved into sexual assaults over time.

Cruciani retaliated against victim patients that refused to engage in sex acts with him. Specifically, he would refer these patients to other medical providers that would not prescribe the same type of quantities of narcotic drugs these patients had come to depend upon.

The neurologist oftentimes met with patients in examination and hospital rooms alone. When in examination rooms, he sometimes would lock the door after he entered a room. In addition to assaulting victims at his offices, Cruciani also met with his patients at a hotel and in an apartment.

Victims has described instances in which the doctor purported to undertaken breast or vaginal examinations. The reality is that these types of purported examinations had no association with the medical issue for which a patient was seeking treatment. Moreover, Cruciani has never been a practicing obstetrician or gynecologist.

Information about Cruciani’s conduct with his patients has been public for quite an extended period of time. Some time ago, Cruciani was allowed to plead guilty to misdemeanor groping charges involving seven patients. This case was brought in Philadelphia. The accusers always maintained that the neurologist’s conduct was far, far worse than merely groping. These patients have consistently maintained that authorities simply did not take allegations made against the doctor seriously.

After years of this illicit misconduct, federal criminal charges finally have been brought against Cruciani this week. The neurologist specifically has been charged with five counts of enticing and inducing individuals to travel interstate to engage in illegal sexual activity. Each of the counts currently lodged against Criciani carries a possible maximum sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

The neurologist has appeared in court once. He has been permitted to post bond and obtain pretrial release. There are conditions imposed upon him, including home detention while releasee from jail.

The next court date in the federal criminal case is scheduled for December. More specifics about the now-pending federal prosecution have not been made available. Some of the many victims of the neurologist have publicly stated how pleased they are that something is not being done regard to this doctor who has a long practice of sexually abusing and raping patients after rendering them unconscious.

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