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Sexually Assaulted Blackhawks Player Goes Public

Kyle Beach, a former player with the Chicago Blackhawks National Hockey League franchise, came forward publicly this week as the player who was sexually assaulted by the team’s video coach, Brad Aldrich. Beach confirmed that not only was he the victim of sexual assault by the Blackhawks’ coach, but he explained how management mishandled his complaint in the first instance.

In 2010, Beach was a 20-year-old player. He was brought onto the Blackhawks team during the playoffs as what is known as a “Black Ace” in the NHL. A Black Ace is a player that is added to the team’s roster during a playoff run when that player’s minor league season has ended. Such a player can fill in for a regular team member during playoffs as needed. The Blackhawks were in the midst of a run for the Stanley Cup at the time Beach joined the team. The Blackhawks went on to win the Stanley Cup that season.

Brad Aldrich, the coach who sexually assaulted Kyle Beach, was 27 at the time of the incident. According to an independent investigation of the incident, Aldrich invited Beach to his apartment during the second week in May 2010. Aldrich provided Beach with dinner and drinks. Aldrich went on to threaten Beach’s position on the team and proceeded to sexual assault the young player.

Beach commented on his feelings at the time of the sexual assault by the coach. He made these comments days after the attack: “To be honest, I was scared mostly. I was fearful. I had my career threatened. I felt alone and dark.”

Beach promptly reported the sexual assault. Jim Gary, the mental skills coach and team counselor, reported the allegations to senior members of Blackhawks management, including team President John McDonough, Executive Vice President Jay Blunk, Assistant General Manager Kevin Cheveldayoff, and head coach Joel Quenneville.

The Blackhawks head office made the decision to nothing about the sexual assault of Beach until the playoff run ended. Indeed, team management did nothing at all until well after the team won the Stanley Cup. The front office wanted to “avoid bad publicity” during the playoffs.

Coach Aldrich was allowed to continue in his position during the playoff celebrations. During that time period, he attempted to sexually assault a team intern, a 22-year-old man.

Ultimately, the Blackhawks’ Director of Human Resources met with Aldrich and offered him the opportunity for an investigation into Beach’s allegations or resign. Aldrich chose to resign.

After his resignation, Aldrich went on to work in other coaching positions at:

  • USA Hockey
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Miami University in Ohio
  • Houghton High School in Michigan

While at Houghton High School, Aldrich pleaded guilty to forth degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor. Aldrich only lasted for four months on his job at the University of Miami in Ohio. As a result of his sexual assault of the Blackhawks’ player and the high school student, Aldrich’s brief tenure at the University of Miami is now being scrutinized.

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