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Workers Seriously Injured in Arlington Construction Accident

A pair of workers were seriously injured in an Arlington construction accident on Thursday morning, October 21, 2021. The workers were said to be involved in the construction of a new kitchen at Key Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia. Information remains sketchy as to what exactly occurred to cause the accident and worker injuries. With that noted, the workers appear to have sustained serious injuries when a cinderblock wall in the construction are collapsed onto them.

Key Elementary School is located at 855 North Edison in Arlington. The school was in operation at the time of the Arlington construction accident. No school students or personnel appear to have been injured as a result of the construction accident. With that said, North George Mason Drive that runs by one side of the school building has been shut down to traffic to allow for positioning of emergency vehicles.

The Arlington County Police Department issued a brief statement by Twitter on what is happening at the scene of the construction site accident:

The Arlington County Police Department and Arlington Fire Department are on scene of a construction accident. Two patients have been transported to an area hospital with injuries that are considered serious but non-life-threatening. Expect continued public safety activity in the area.

No indication has been made regarding how long emergency personnel will be at the scene. Moreover, no specific information has been provided regarding the anticipated investigation into the incident. This includes not release of information about what agency or agencies will be involved in the investigation of the cause of the Arlington construction accident.

The names of the injured workers have not been released to the public or media, pending notification of loved ones. The specifics regarding the medical condition of these two workers following the accident is not known. All that has been released in this regard this far is that these workers have been serious injured. Their injuries fortunately have been described as non-life-threatening. They were transported to an area hospital.

A spokesperson for the school district, Frank Bellavia, also made a statement to affirm that the children at the school at the time of the accident were not at risk of injury:

The accident is related to the construction of the new kitchen. Two workers were injured. No students were near the site as it is only accessible by construction workers.

In addition, the school principal, Marleny Perdomo, transmitted a message to parents of Key Elementary School students in the aftermath of the Arlington construction accident:

I am writing to notify you about a construction accident which occurred in the area under renovation in the kitchen at Escuela Key this morning. No students were involved or near the site. The area where the construction is occurring is in the kitchen, which is sealed off and separate from students at all times. Two workers were injured and have been taken to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. I wanted you to be aware due to the increased police and fire department activity at the school this morning.

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