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All Residents Must Leave Dunwoody Apartment Complex After Explosion

The Doan Law Firm reported on the Dunwoody, Georgia, apartment complex explosion last week. The Dunwoody apartment complex explosion resulted in massive damage and multiple injuries. Now, a week after the blast, all of the residents of the apartment complex are being forced to leave their residences.

The residents of the community have until October 31, 2021, to vacate their homes. Complex management is allowing the residents of 15 units to move out every day. The owners of the Dunwoody apartment complex have offered residents impacted by the explosion the opportunity to move into apartments in other complexes owned by that company. Some of these apartments are in close proximity to the Dunwoody apartments. Others are located in other Atlanta suburbs.

The apartment complex, christened Arrive Perimeter, is lacking many essential services since the massive explosion. At the present time, the Arrive Perimeter apartment complex is devoid of services that include:

  • Heat
  • Functional gas ranges
  • Hot water

All of this stems from the fact that gas service remains disconnected from the Dunwoody apartment complex following the explosion. According to the Arrive Perimeter management company:

“It has become apparent that we will not be able to quickly return gas service to our residents,” the email said. “We, unfortunately, cannot commit to a reasonable timeline to restore hot water, heat, or functional gas ranges, and without a clear date of that return of gas service, we feel that the prudent action is to vacate the property.”

A devastating explosion occurred at the Atlanta-area apartment complex on September 14. Three units were completely destroyed as a result of the blast. Other units sustained damage as well. Four people sustained relatively serious injuries as a result of the explosion accident. The current state of these injured individuals is not immediately accessible.

An investigation has been ongoing since the explosion. As of September 18, 2021, there has been no determination as to what precisely caused the injurious accident.

Despite a lack of information about the cause of the blast being forthcoming from investigators, a number of residents of the Dunwoody complex have commented on what they believe to be the source of the blast. Some residents reported the smell of natural gas at the property prior to the explosion. Indeed, it appears that at least one resident reported the smell of natural gas to management prior to the explosion.

A resident was asked to sum up the complex evacuation and other issues that have arisen following the Dunwoody apartment complex explosion:

“They haven’t really been forthcoming with the details and the plan of action. A lot of people are frustrated, a lot of people have anxiety, they’re scared about what was going to happen, simply because they didn’t know. I would say, just pray for the families for the impacted by this. There were some people who were home that got injured.”

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