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Five Workers Injured Lake Charles Chemical Plant Explosion

Five workers have been reported injured in a Lake Charles chemical plant explosion. The explosion was followed by what officials are calling a flash fire occurred at the Westlake Chemical Petro Complex. The scene of the Lake Charles chemical plant explosion is located on Louisiana Highway 108. The facility is used to produce ethylene, which is a colorless and flammable gas. The plant was undergoing maintenance at the time of the blast. As of 12 hours after the explosion, no deaths have been reported.

Specific information about the extent of injuries sustained by the workers has not been released. Two of the workers appear to have sustained more severe injuries, but their specific status is not yet known. All of the injured workers have been taken to area hospitals.

The fire that followed the blast has been brought under control. As of this time, there is no information available as to the underlying cause of the Lake Charles chemical plant explosion. An investigation has commenced to ascertain how and why the blast occurred.

There is no available information regarding who will be involved in the investigation. There is no indication at this moment as to how long the investigation may take.

Ethylene, the gas produced at the plant, has a variety of applications. Ethylene is widely used in the produce industry. It is utilized to advance the ripening of produce.

This is the second incident of this nature at the Lake Charles chemical plant in 2021. That prior fire occurred at the facility evidently resulted in no injuries.

Westlake Chemical is described as a company “founded in 1986 by T. T. Chao, a pioneer in the global petrochemical industry, with the acquisition of a polyethylene plant in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Building on three decades of prior experience in Asia, the company embarked on a mission of consistent growth through further acquisition, expansion of existing facilities, and new construction.” Westlake Chemical is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company currently employs approximately 9,200 employees around the world. The company produces:

  • Ethylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Styrene
  • Other coproducts

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