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Ford Motor Company Plant Gas Leak Releases Benzene into Community Sewer System

High levels of benzene have been found in the Flat Rock, Michigan, sewer system following a gas leak from a Ford Motor Company plant in that community. The Ford plant gas leak has resulted in the evacuation of many residents of the community with a population of 10,000.

EPA on the Scene of the Ford Plant Hazardous Chemical Discharge

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been called in to monitor air, soil, and water quality. According to Ford and representatives of the town of Flat Rock, the outpouring of benzene contaminated waste from the automobile manufacturing plant into the public sewer system has been stopped. They further advise that the benzene levels in the water is returning to a safe level as a result of the flow of wastewater from the Ford plant into the sewage system.

Although the release of hazardous contaminated water from the Ford plant evidently has been stopped, residents of Flat Rock that have been evacuated have not yet been permitted to return to their homes. Moreover, officials involved in the matter have stated that they are unsure when Flat Rock residents will be able to return to their homes.

No Clear Information Made About Health Risk Presented to Residents

At this time, there is a considerable amount of confusion associated with the potential health risks faced by residents of Flat Rock as a result of the hazardous discharge from the Ford plant. Residents maintain that no one in authority has provided them with any useful information about the short-term and long-term consequences to the community and its citizens arising from the hazardous chemical discharge from the Ford plant.

What is known is that benzene is a carcinogenic chemical. What this means is that exposure to benzene can cause cancer.

Ford’s Immediate Response to Impact of Evacuation Deemed Lacking

Ford has responded in some fashion to the evacuation of much of the population of Flat Rock. Perhaps with no exceptions, residents of the community maintain that the mammoth motorcar manufacturer has done next to nothing to meet the real needs of residents of the community who have lost access to their homes because of the chemical discharge from the Fort plant. At this time, Ford is providing:

  • Payment for hotel rooms for displaced residents of Flat Rock
  • Checks to residents in the amount of $500
  • Gift cards (value and merchant not identified)

During a town council meeting on September 16, residents made it abundantly clear that what has been provided by the automaker falls far short of what actual losses people continue to accrue as a result of the mass community evacuation.

Businesses Shuttered as a Result of the Ford Plant Gas Leak

In addition to being forced from their homes as a result of Ford plant gas leak, many business owners in Flat Rock have had to close their doors indefinitely as well. As one business owner noted, the $500 offered by Ford as of this time comes no where close to addressing the lost revenue the man’s enterprise has already sustained as a result of the evacuation.

As of Friday, September 17, no information is yet available as to when Flat Rock residents will be able to return to their homes and reopen their business for normal operations.

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