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Louisiana Revokes Multiple Nursing Home Licenses as a Result of Hurricane Ida Deaths

The state of Louisiana has revoked the licenses of multiple nursing homes owned by the same individual in the aftermath of hurricane Ida. The seven nursing homes subject to license suspension are all owned and operated by Bob Dean. As a result of what is now being described as reckless and inappropriate conduct by Dean, seven nursing home residences of the Dean nursing homes died after being “evacuated” from the facilities. According to Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health Courtney Phillips: “(Dean) “clearly failed to execute their emergency preparedness plans to provide essential care and services to their residents.”

Nursing Home Residents Taken to Unsuitable Warehouse During Ida

During the hurricane Ida evacuation period, Dean moved the residents from all seven nursing homes to what has now been described as a “squalid” warehouse. Even in the best of situations and conditions, the warehouse was capable of serving as an emergency shelter for between 300 to 500 people. Dean crammed over 800 nursing residents into the warehouse. Dean owned the warehouse building as well. The Louisiana Department of Health lawyer, Stephen Russo, described the conditions at the warehouse as “inhumane.”

Specific hazards that jeopardized the welfare and lives of nursing home residents who literally were warehoused during Ida include:

  • Lack of food
  • Lack of clean and proper clothing
  • Mattresses on the floor
  • Urine on the floor
  • Feces on the floor
  • Generator failure
  • Lack of power for oxygen and other medical equipment
  • Flood water entering into the warehouse
  • Lack of proper ventilation
  • Lack of proper cooling

Owner Blocks Investigators from Premises

Reports were received by the Department of Health in regard to the deplorable conditions at the Dean warehouse. Pursuant to their legal authority, investigators went to the warehouse location. Dean and his minions prevented investigators from undertaking a lawful investigation of the premises.

Despite not being able to conduct a complete investigation, officials from the Department of Health did see enough on site to be able to determine that the lives of vulnerable nursing home residents were at risk. As a result, the agency began an evacuation of the infirm individuals to specialized shelters elsewhere in Louisiana. The evacuation of the 800-plus nursing home residents from the warehouse took over two days.

Owner Minimizes and Distorts What Occurred in the Warehouse

The owner of the seven nursing homes and warehouse in question, did participate in one radio interview about the horrific plight of residents in his seven nursing care facilities. He concluded his remarks by making an utterly inaccurate statement about the state of affairs: “We only had five deaths within the six days, and normally with 850 people you’ll have a couple a day, so we did really good with taking care of people.”

In fact, at least seven people have died to date as a result of the conduct of Dean and his nursing home staff. Literally no one who has had occasion to consider the state of affairs in regard to these nursing home residences believes that Dean and his cohorts have done “really good with taking care of people.”

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