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Massive Atlanta Apartment Complex Explosion Injuries at Least Four

An Atlanta apartment complex explosion has injured at least four residents. The DeKalb County Fire Department reports that they were able to conduct a search and rescue operation. As of Monday morning, search and rescue teams have been able to clear 90 percent of the damaged apartment complex.

No residents have been declared deceased as a result of the Atlanta apartment complex explosion. With that noted, as of early Monday morning, two residents of the apartment complex remain unaccounted for.

The explosion occurred in the Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody. Dunwoody is located north of the Atlanta city center.

Specifics regarding the extent of injuries sustained by residents of the Dunwoody apartment complex are not available at the moment. At least one injured resident was transported to a nearby medical center. The other residents evidently were treated at the scene by emergency medical personnel. There are early reports that a toddler is among the injured.

Investigation Begins on Cause of Blast

Officials with multiple agencies have commenced an intensive investigation into the cause of the Atlanta apartment complex explosion. No official comments have been made by investigators in regard to what they may speculate caused the blast.

With that said, there is information that a resident of the apartment complex called a local utility company not long before the explosion. The resident advised the utility service that natural gas could be smelled at the apartment complex. In addition to a resident contacting the utility company, the complex’s leading agent appears to have reported a gas smell as well.

Possible Ongoing Issues with Natural Gas

A resident of the now destroyed apartment building has explained that this is not the first time that a natural gas leak has been suspected at the complex. He indicated that natural gas leaks have occurred at and around the apartment complex on a number of prior occasions.

He also explained that he himself had contacted the leasing manager about a strong smell of gas in the hallway outside of his apartment a short time before the explosion occurred. He said he told the complex representative that “if you lit a match, the whole building is going up.”

Evacuation Ordered After Dunwoody Apartment Building Explosion Accident

With the prospect that the Dunwoody apartment building was destroyed as a result of a natural gas explosion, a number of other multifamily residential structures in the area were evacuated. As of Monday morning, residents of those structures have not yet been permitted to return to their homes. In fact, officials have made mention that it is possible that some residents may not be able to return to their homes in neighboring buildings on Monday as a result of the ongoing investigation.

The Red Cross has been called in to assist residents in the neighborhood who might need help finding temporary accommodations until they can return to their homes. There is no head count as of yet regarding the number of people who have been displaced as a result of the Dunwoody apartment complex explosion.

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