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Massive Los Angeles Explosion Caused by Police Bomb Technicians

A massive explosion caused extensive damage in much of a Los Angeles neighborhood in June. 27 people were injured as a direct result of the explosion. An undermined number of people from the neighborhood remain displaced as a result of the devastating blast. Two elderly people who were displaced ended up dying. Their families attribute the deaths to the aftermath of the explosion.

Immediate Cause of Los Angeles Explosions

At the time of the explosion, the blast was attributed to fireworks in the possession of a man named Arturo Ceja III. Police stated that the man had fireworks in his residence in the neighborhood destroyed by the explosion. I

n fact, Ceja was storing fireworks illegally in his home. The assumption was made at the time that the illegally stored fireworks at Ceja’s home somehow detonated as a result of something Ceja did or did not do.

Fireworks are illegal to sell or possess in Los Angeles as well as in unincorporated parts of the county. In addition to municipal penalties, Ceja was charged in federal court with transportation of explosives. He ultimately pleaded guilty to one count of this crime. He also faces state charges associated with the fireworks stored at his home.

An investigation was launched to determine precisely how and why the fireworks detonated, causing largescale damage and injuries to almost 30 neighborhood residents. The findings of the investigators into the cause of the Los Angeles fireworks explosion have proven to be particularly alarming.

Investigators Release Report of Cause of the Los Angeles Fireworks Explosion

The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives headed up the investigation into the massive Los Angeles fireworks explosion. The federal agency ruled out all other possible causes for the catastrophic explosion and arrived at one conclusion in a 51-page report made public last week.

Investigators concluded that the devastating explosion occurred because Los Angeles Police Department bomb technicians made major miscalculations when the detonated the illegal fireworks. Specifically, bomb squad members “overloaded” a containment chamber beyond the equipment’s safety rating capacity. As a result of the improper overloading, the containment chamber exploded, spraying shrapnel and other debris across the neighborhood and causing the extensive damages and injuries to nearly 30 people.

Los Angeles Police Department Chimes in Regarding Bomb Squad Negligence

The Los Angeles Police Department also issued a report about the explosion caused by the department’s own bomb technicians. In the LAPD report, officials admitted that the police department bomb squad had no training regarding the operation of the containment chamber that was overloaded and exploded. The LAPD report further noted a number of other mistakes by the police department bomb technicians that included:

  • The bomb technicians only have on the job training regarding the use of the containment chamber
  • The bomb technicians did not weigh at any time the fireworks that were placed in the containment chamber
  • The bomb technicians failed to ascertain the level or explosives in the fireworks

LAPD Explosives Policy

Unlike nearly all other police departments in California and across the country, the LAPD does not take explosives to an isolated location for detonation. Rather, the LAPD uses a containment chamber to explode such things as fireworks or a bomb at the general location where such a device is found.

Your Legal Rights After an Incident Like the Los Angeles Fireworks Explosion

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