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Powerful Explosion Rocks Florida Casino, 26 People Injured

A powerful explosion rocked the Seminole Classic Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The Florida explosion injured 26 people. An investigation into the cause of the Hollywood explosion is underway. The blast appears to have been caused by the explosion of a tank connected to the casino’s fire suppression system.

The Hollywood casino explosion occurred on the second floor of the property. When the blast occurred, drywall from the second floor crashed down onto the first floor, including onto the actual casino gaming area. In addition, other types of debris flew across the first floor of the building, including the gaming area.

The explosion caused guests and staff at the Seminole Classic Casino to flee the building. Of the 26 people injured as a result of the blast, six were hospitalized with more serious injuries. As of a day after the explosion, two people remained hospitalized. The injuries sustained by the individuals still in the hospital are not classified as life threatening,

The names of the people injured in the Seminole Classic Casino explosion have not been released to the media or the public. The group of people injured included casino guests and employees.

The entire casino property was fully evacuated in the aftermath of the blast. Casino operations were able to resume at about 8:00 p.m. on the night of the explosion. Members of the general public were permitted back on the property at that time.

People in the casino at the time of the explosion made similar reports about the blast. They indicated that the explosion sounded as if a bomb went off at the property.

At the time of the explosion, contract workers were in the midst of performing routine service and maintenance on the casino’s fire suppression system. As the worked, a tank containing some type of gas utilized in the fire suppression system ruptured. Occurring on the second floor, the explosion occurred in an area of the Seminole Classic Casino that is not open to the public. The Seminole Classic Casino is located about a half of a mile away from the newer Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

At this moment in time there is no specific information as to what caused the explosion at the casino. An investigation is underway to attempt to ascertain the cause of the blast, including how reconnecting the tank in question may have triggered the explosion that caused injuries and the evacuation of the property.

Explosion incidents are alarming frequent in the United States. In 2020, explosion incidents occurred at the rate of almost three a day across the country. Specific statistics are informative when considering explosion incidents and the harm they can cause:

  • 2020 – 984 explosion incidents
  • 2019 – 715 explosion incidents
  • 2018 – 706 explosion incidents
  • 2017 – 687 explosion incidents
  • 2016 – 699 explosion incidents
  • 2015 – 630 explosion incidents
  • 2014 – 912 explosion incidents
  • 2013 – 1,157 explosion incidents
  • 2012 – 1,242 explosion incidents

The most common types of explosion accident injuries in the United States are penetrating wounds and blunt force trauma. In addition, damage to a victim’s lungs is also a commonplace injury suffered by explosion accident victims.

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