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Rising Risk of CO2 Gas Pipeline Explosion Accidents in the United States

A new generation of gas pipelines have begun to crisscross the United States. These pipeline oftentimes are classified as being some part of the Green Energy Movement in the country. This new cohort of underground gas pipelines transport compressed carbon dioxide mixed with hydrogen sulfide. The first ever explosion of one of these next generation gas pipelines reveals how devastatingly dangerous this equipment and its contents can be, according to the Climate Investigations Center.

The Mechanics of the New CO2 Gas Pipelines

The CO2 gas pipelines that are being placed in different locations in the United States to forge the creation of a nationwide network are not designed to provide energy. Rather, they are designed to provide a conduit for noxious waste that is emitted from different sources in the country. The pipelines containing the mixture of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide are waste conduits.

The initial thought in the development of these CO2 gas pipelines was that they would provide a relatively safe means of transporting harmful gases underground and away from people. In the end, a calamity occurred in a Mississippi town that clearly demonstrated that these particular types of gas pipelines present a significant risk to people in an ever-growing number of places in the country.

The Satartia CO2 Gas Pipeline Rupture

The Satartia CO2 gas pipeline rupture was the first time the United States that we all became face to face with the dangers of these systems. A rupture occurred in a CO2 gas pipeline than ran through or by Satartia, Mississippi. The rupture occurred at about 7:00 p.m.

With the CO2 gas pipeline rupture, a greenish cloud began to roll across Route 433, near the scene of the gas pipeline explosion or rupture. The greenish cloud began to settle into a nearby valley, at a point where Satartia, Mississippi is located. The cloud was described by those who lived in and around Satartia as a foul-smelling green fog.

Within only a few minutes after the toxic fog reached Sarartia, people started to collapse wherever they stood at the time. This included at least a couple dozen people who collapsed in their homes, in their cars, and at other locations in the community.

The number of people impacted by the ruptured CO2 gas pipeline continued to grow into the evening. The hazardous, toxic gas wafted across the town until flow from the ruptured CO2 gas pipeline was stopped.

Ongoing Health Problems After the Sataria C02 Explosion

Some more longer-term effects from exposure to the carbon dioxide mixed with hydrogen sulfide are beginning to be more fully realized. The ongoing health issues and conditions experienced by people exposed to the carbon dioxide mixed with hydrogen sulfide include:

  • Mental fogginess
  • Lung dysfunction
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Stomach disorders
  • Trouble sleeping
  • anxiety

It is important to note that physicians are only beginning to understand the health ramifications associated with exposure to the toxic gas released as a result of the CO2 pipeline repture.

Justice and Your Legal Rights Following a Gas Pipeline Explosion

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