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LSU Fraternity Hazing Suspension: Frat Member Kidnapped and Assaulted

Louisiana State University has suspended the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity after an investigation into allegations of fraternity hazing. The LSU fraternity hazing allegations include:

  • Kidnapping of a pledge
  • Assault of a pledge
  • Other allegations of misconduct and wrongdoing

A group of SAE members kidnapped and assaulted an active member of the organization as part of an initiation process. Specifics have not been released to the public as of this time. The kidnapping and assault incident occurred on October 18, 2020, according to university records.

Suspension of LSU SAE for Fraternity Hazing

The LSU Division of Student Affairs has advised that SAE will be suspended through May 31, 2023. In a letter from LSU to the fraternity, the Division of Student Affairs stated SAE was responsible for committing impermissible conduct that includes:

  • Coercive behavior
  • Endangerment
  • Fraternity hazing

Impact of Fraternity Hazing Suspension

As a result of the suspension, LSU SAE will be barred from participating in or sponsoring activities on or off the university campus. In addition, the organization is not permitted to recruit or initiate new members during the suspension period.

Following the period of suspension, the fraternity will be placed on disciplinary probation. The probationary period will run for two years, from June 1, 2023, through May 31, 2025.

Louisiana Law and Fraternity Hazing

In recent times, the state of Louisiana has beefed up its laws pertaining to fraternity hazing. A primary provision of the law is a requirement for an automatic and prompt suspension of a fraternity or sorority that is found to have engaged in hazing.

Prior Suspension of LSU SAE for Fraternity Hazing

The current suspension of the LSU SAE is not the first time the organization has been suspended by the university. SAE at LSU was suspended in 2021. In that case, the Greek organization was suspended for:

  • Fraternity hazing
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual misconduct

National Organization Also Suspends LSU SAE

Following action by the university, the national SAE organization also suspended the LSU chapter. In announcing the suspension, the national organization issued a public statement that read in part:

The Louisiana State University chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was suspended “for violations of SAE’s health and safety policies. Sigma Alpha Epsilon does not condone any behavior that creates a dangerous environment for our members, the fraternity and sorority community, or the campus.”

False Information Provided to Police

In announcing the suspension, the university also made note that the fraternity had continually provided false information to the police. In addition, the chapter also provided false and misleading information to university oversight authorities. According to reports released by the university, the LSU SAE leadership and other members provided false and misleading information to law enforcement and university officials on multiple occasions.

Your Legal Rights After Fraternity Hazing

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