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Time Square Manhole Explosion Sparks Panic

Part of Time Square was closed off in the aftermath of a manhole explosion that occurred on Sunday evening. The explosion occurred in the vicinity of West 43rd Street and Seventh Avenue around 6:45 p.m.

The explosion caused people to scramble out of the impacted area of Time Square directly after the blast. Public safety officials were quick to the scene and immediately cordoned off the area, now knowing what caused the explosion at that time.

Con Edison did release a statement following the Time Square explosion:

We can confirm that a manhole exploded in the Times Square area this evening due to cable failure, and another manhole was smoking. At this time, there have been no customer outages, and no reports of injuries or property damage. Our crews remain on location.

FDNY reported that there were elevated levels of carbon monoxide at an office building near the explosion location. According to a spokesperson for the fire department, FDNY initiated what are described as mitigation efforts in the office building. Specifically, FNDY undertook mitigation action in the basement and the subbasement of the affected office building.

The statement from Con Edison that there apparently have been no injuries is accurate, at least as of this juncture in time. Information about there being no property damage as a result of the Time Square is also accurate inasmuch as no one has reported such harm in the aftermath of the manhole explosion.

While the apparent lack of injuries and property damage is a positive development (if that holds true), the Time Square manhole explosion does underscore issues surrounding infrastructure in the United States that is in dangerous condition and can lead to explosion accidents and other types of incidents that have the potential for causing serious and even fatal injuries.

At this time, an investigation is underway to glean more specifics about the case of the Time Square manhole explosion. The cable failure identified as of now as being the cause of the blast raises the question about the state of that particular infrastructure. Time and time again when this type of cause of an explosion initially is identified, further investigation reveals that there has been an issue with a particular infrastructure that has existed for what oftentimes proves to be an extended period of time.

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