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Virginia School Bus Accident Injures Four Children

A Virginia school bus accident injured four children and one adult. The bus was from the Chesterfield County Public Schools transport fleet. This Virginia bus accident occurred just before 4:00 p.m. on Hull Road in Chesterfield County.

A 1997 Ford F-150 was traveling on the roadway near the school bus prior to the accident. For reasons not yet known or at least made public, the driver of the pickup truck ran off the road. When that occurred, the driver of the truck attempted to get the vehicle back on course. In doing so, he overcorrected and collided with the school bus.

When the pickup truck collided with the school bus, the school bus ran off the roadway. Once off the road itself, the force of the collision caused the school bus to roll over on its side.

There was a total of five children and two adults on the bus at the time of accident. The injured children and adult were all taken to the hospital. The people on the school bus range in ages from nine to 21. The people taken to the hospital were reported to have non-life-threatening injuries.

The pickup truck driver apparently sustained no injuries – or at least no injuries that necessitated medical attention. He was questioned at the scene of the Virginia school bus accident by law enforcement. Law enforcement officials have reported that alcohol, drugs, and intoxication or impairment are not thought to be a factor in the accident.

The ramifications of the accident could have been far more serious, according to an examination of the accident scene. While a collision between a truck and a school bus is always serious business, in this case more significant injuries appear to have been avoided and perhaps barely so.

After running off the road and rolling on its side, the school bus appears to have breached a guardrail on the side of the roadway. The bus came to rest directly on the side of what is being described by witnesses at the scene as a ravine. If the school bus would have continued to roll following the impact with the pickup truck, it likely would have pitched into the ravine. The resulting injuries in that situation would have been far more severe and even fatal.

Chesterfield County Public Schools made a brief statement to the media (and public) following the accident:

The school division has been and remains in direct contact with the families of students who were involved. We are sincerely appreciative of the work of Chesterfield County emergency personnel and everyone who assisted on the scene.

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