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Oklahoma Oil Tank Site Explosion Injures Two Workers

An Oklahoma oil tank site explosion injured two workers. The oil tank site explosion occurred in Kingfisher County in central Oklahoma. The blast occurred during the routine cleaning at the oil tank battery. No information is yet available as to the underlying cause of the Oklahoma oil tank site explosion.

In addition to emergency crews from Kingfisher County, firefighters were brought in from neighboring Okarche and Canadian counties. According to officials at the scene, it did not take much time to get the blaze that resulted from the Oklahoma oil tank site explosion under control.

Four people were working at the site at the time of the explosion. The other two workers evidently sustained no injuries. The seriousness of the injuries sustained by the two workers who were taken to the hospital is unknown. Officials did note that the pair of injured workers were airlifted to a nearby medical center.

The names of the injured workers has not yet been released to the press or public. What is known is that all four workers were employed by a contractor brought to the oil tank site by the facilities owner to undertake the battery cleaning.

The oil tank site is owned by Devon Energy. Devon Energy is an energy company engaged in hydrocarbon exploration. Specifically, the company is in involved primarily in shale oil extraction. The primary operations of the company are in the Oklahoma Barnett Shale STACK formation, the Eagle Ford Group shale formation, as well as in the Rocky Mountains. The company is headquartered in the Devon Energy Center in Oklahoma City.

Devon Energy was founded by John Nichols and J. Larry Nichols. The younger Nichols oversaw the operations of the company for three decades.

The oil tank site is surrounded by brush-covered land. Because of the quick action of firefighters, the blaze did not spread.

In addition, the quick action in extinguishing the fire reduced the amount of potentially harmful substances that were released into the air. Indeed, there has been no report that any meaningful air contamination occurred during the short-lived fire.

As mentioned, the nature and extent of injuries sustained by the two workers is not yet available. With that said, there are some more commonplace types of injuries that are associated with incidents like the Oklahoma oil tank site explosion:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Severe burns
  • Lung damage
  • Other internal injury damage
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress, including PTSD

As of this time, Devon Energy does not appear to have released a statement regarding the Oklahoma oil tank site explosion and the injured workers. The company that employed the workers who were servicing the oil tank natters likewise has not released a statement as of this time regarding the accident.

An oil tank battery is a number of oil tanks that are located at a site. The batteries are used to store crude oil. In the case of the Oklahoma oil tank battery explosion, the tanks are used to store crude oil from the shale extraction process. No specific information is available regarding the number of individual oil tanks at the battery in question. Although the specific cause of the Oklahoma oil tank site explosion is not yet known, the solvents or solutions used in the cleaning process appear to be the substances associated with the blast.

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