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Police Investigate Indiana Funeral Home: Human Remains Left to Decompose

A Southern Indiana funeral home is being investigated by the police after 31 bodies were found decomposing. The Lankford Funeral Home and Family Center in Jeffersonville, Indiana is the subject of the probe. The Clark County Coroner’s Office has now taken custody of all of the human remains.

In addition to the 31 decomposing bodies at the funeral home, the remains of 16 cremated individuals were also discovered at the scene. A local woman who sent her brother’s body to the Lankford Funeral Home for cremation in April appears to be one of the individuals who has not received the cremains. It is unclear at the moment as to whether or not her brother’s body has been cremated or may be among the remains that were found decomposing at the funeral home. The woman explained that she had reached out to the funeral director at the mortuary. The funeral director told her that he is “dealing with a lot at the moment.”

When representatives of the coroner’s office arrived at the scene, the immediately noted that a foul stench was emitting from the premises. The police were on scene as well. A representative of the Jeffersonville Police Department stated “it was a very unpleasant scene. The conditions were not good.” According to the police, the owner of the funeral home is cooperating with their investigation.

At this time no explanation has been provided by anyone at the Lankford Funeral Home regarding how this state of affairs occurred. Bodies appear to have been left unattended and decomposing at the funeral home since March of this year.

Sadly, in any given month somewhere in the United States, cases such as this one are brought to the attention of the media, law enforcement, and our firm. There can be a myriad of reasons why these types of situations occur. Despite the underlying causes for this type of reckless or negligent conduct, the consequences are tragic. The bottom line is that no family’s grief arising from the loss of a loved one should be compounded in this horrible, inexcusable manner.

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