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100 Car Pileup in Denver Injures at Least 30 People

A massive motor vehicle pileup on the main interstate highway that traverses the city of Denver has resulted in 30 people sustaining injuries, including people who have been hospitalized. The exact number of vehicles involved in the mashup is not yet known. At least 50 and perhaps upwards to 100 vehicles are involved in the wintertime pileup. This includes a yet to be determined number of semi-trucks.

Technically speaking, there were six individual mass collisions on Interstate 25 in a short stretch of the highway between Evans Avenue and Alameda Avenue in the heart of Denver, Colorado. The stretch of highway where the multiple collisions occurred runs about a mile. The interstate was closed for more than four hours, beginning at 4:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

Denver experienced heavy snow over the weekend. The weather certainly was a primary factor in the massive Colorado highway pileup. With that said, early commentary from investigators indicate that other factors likely have contributed to the multi-car pileup. These include:

  • Motorists driving at a speed in excess of what prevailing conditions safely permitted
  • Motorists driving to close to other vehicles (evidently this includes drivers who were far too close to snowplows that were working to clear the highway)
  • Distracted drivers

At this time, there is no information that any of the drivers involved in the mass collision were impaired or intoxicated. The reality is that with the number of motorists involved in the extensive pileup, odds are rather high that there were impaired or intoxicated drivers involved in the Denver highway accident.

The injuries sustained by hospitalized Denver highway accident victims are not publicly known. In addition, none of the names of any of the injured Denver highway accident victims have been released to the public.

The Colorado Highway Patrol is heading up the investigation into the Denver highway accident. They are joined by the Denver Police Department in this effort. There is no specific information from either agency in regard to how long the investigation into the overall cause or causes of the accident (beyond weather) will be complete.

Approximately 38,000 people lose their lives in car accidents each year in the United States. As of the morning after the massive Colorado highway pileup, no deaths have been reported.

Around 90 people die each and every day in U.S. car accidents. In addition, about 4.4 million people are seriously injured in car accidents across the country annually. Car accidents result in $380 million in medical costs on an annual basis. The overall annual economic losses resulting from car accidents in the country is about $231 billion.

As mentioned, in this case there is no information about the severity of injuries sustained by people hospitalized as a result of the Denver highway automobile accident. It appears that least five people remain hospitalized the morning after the pileup. Again, no specific information is yet available regarding the extent of injuries sustained by these individuals.

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