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200 People Displaced in Maryland Apartment Building Explosion

Early reports about the number of people displaced in a Maryland apartment building explosion accident are determined to be far too low by half. Initial reports indicated that 100 residents had been displaced from three Silver Spring apartment buildings as a result of a catastrophic explosion. In fact, 200 people were forced to leave their homes in the aftermath of the blast.

The explosion occurred in one of the six apartment buildings, causing catastrophic damage. Four other buildings were evacuated as a result of the explosion and fire in the building where the explosion actually occurred. Originally, two buildings beyond the site of the blast were thought to have been evacuated. In the end, residents in six buildings were displaced.

In addition to the evacuation of 200 people from the Friendly Garden Apartments in Silver Spring, 14 people were taken to area hospitals for injuries sustained in the Maryland apartment building explosion. Seven people remain hospitalized today, with three of these residents in critical condition. There is no information about how long the remaining seven people will remain hospitalized.

An intensive investigation is underway in regard to the cause of the devastating Maryland apartment building explosion. A number of agencies are involved in the investigation at this time. The investigation taskforce includes:

  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
  • Maryland State Fire Marshal

There was some indication over the weekend that the investigation into the cause of the explosion was wrapping up on Saturday evening. No definitive statement has been released as of yet in regard to what might have caused the blast.

With that said, investigators have revealed that the found a cut gas pipe in the basement of the building where the explosion occurred. What is known at this time is that a maintenance worker was working in the building before the explosion because of a plumbing problem.

The displacement is coming to an end for some of the people who have been removed from the complex. As of Sunday morning, 200 people are being allowed to return to their units.

Utility services to some of the buildings have now been restored. There is no information as to when the remaining displaced people will be able to return their apartments. There is still work being done in regard to building stability.

The reality is that three buildings very well may be inhabitable for an extended period of time. The building where the blast occurred may never be livable again.

Those who are facing a longer term displacement are working with the Red Cross and management of the apartment complex to find alternative housing.

These residents who face a longer term displacement are working with the fire department to retrieve belongings. This includes medications and related items.

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