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Colorado Explosion Accident Injures Four

Four people have been injured in a Colorado explosion accident that occurred at Hartman Brothers in Montrose, a community of 20,000 in the southwest part of the state. Hartman Brothers, located in the 100 block of Park Avenue, sells medical supplied. Following the explosion, the entire building was completely engulfed in flames. Indeed, the fire took over the entirety of the structure even before emergency crews arrived at the scene.

All four injured individuals were taken to the hospital. Two of the injured appear to have been treated and since released. One person is listed in fair condition. The fourth individual injured in the latest Colorado explosion accident is said to be in critical condition.

The names of those injured in this Colorado explosion accident have not yet been released. There is no specific information as to whether the injured people were employees of the business or visitors to the building.

Firefighters battled the blaze for about five hours before it was brought under control. A number of different emergency responders were involved in battling the fire and providing associated services. These included:

  • Montrose Police Department
  • Montrose County Sheriff’s Office
  • Montrose County Sheriff’s Posse
  • WestCO Regional Dispatch
  • Olathe Fire Protection District
  • Delta Fire Department
  • Black Hills Energy
  • Colorado State Patrol
  • Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control
  • City of Montrose Public Works
  • Delta Montrose Electric Association

Emergency personnel were required to take extra precautions in addressing the Montrose explosion accident. The building housed bottled oxygen and other flammable gasses.

The specific cause of the explosion that led to the tremendous fire has not yet been ascertained. An investigation is underway as of this time. As was the case with fighting the blaze, multiple agencies are now involved in the investigatory process.

The building where the explosion occurred appears to be a total loss. The fire did not spread to any other properties. No information is yet available as to whether or not the explosion itself caused damage to any other properties in the vicinity.

Although a black smoke plume did arise from the fire, no evacuations were ordered. Evacuations sometimes occur in these types of situations when there is a concern over the prospect of hazardous materials in a smoke plume extending from an explosion and associated fire. In this instance, authorities evidently had no concern over the possibility of hazardous substances in the smoke from the Montrose fire.

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