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Massive Explosion and Fire Rocks Wisconsin Marine Construction Facility

A huge fire is spreading through a Wisconsin marine construction facility following a Thursday morning explosion. The blast occurred at about 8:30 a.m. The cause of the Wisconsin marine construction facility explosion and resulting fire is not known as of early Thursday afternoon. The fire is not under control. Significantly, there is no readily available information regarding whether or how many people may have been injured in the Wisconsin marine construction facility explosion.

A tremendous plume of thick black smoke has risen above the site of the Wisconsin marine construction site explosion and is spreading outward around the facility. There is no information as to what may or may not be contained in the black smoke plume. The stark realist is that with some frequency the smoke associated with this type of blast and fire can contain harmful substances.

The plant where the explosion occurred is located in Waukesha County. Specifically, the facility is located in the small community of Eagle. Eagle is located approximately 35 miles from Milwaukee.

Summerset Marine Construction owns and operates that where the Wisconsin marine construction facility explosion and fire occurred. The operations of the company was described as:

Summerset Marine Construction has been providing a full range of lakefront services to its customers in Southeastern Wisconsin since 1990. As the largest pier and lift dealer in Wisconsin, Summerset has grown over the years along with its customers’ needs, able to provide the expertise and products necessary for the perfect waterfront solution. Servicing hundreds of clients from Madison to Milwaukee, Summerset Marine provides the highest level of expertise to design, install and support any pier and boat lift system, always on call for any service needs.

As mentioned a moment ago, by early afternoon on the day of the explosion the fire at the Summerset Marine Construction had not been contained. A pair of unfortunate factors are contributing to the inability to control the blaze:

  • There exists a lack of fire hydrants in the area near Summerset Marine Construction
  • Tanker trucks need to depart the scene to refill at locations elsewhere

The unstated reality is that the fire likely would have been contained sooner had firefighters had more direct access to water.

Despite the smoke plume hanging over the area and growing, a significant evacuation has not been ordered a early Thursday afternoon. With that said, Eagle Elementary School did evacuate its students following the explosion. There are about 275 students who attend Eagle Elementary School. The primary school is located about a quarter of a mile from Summerset Marine.

There is no information at this time about whether or not there has been property damage to buildings generally in the vicinity of the Summerset Marine Construction explosion. Witnesses have noted that the explosion could be felt within an area of about one mile surrounding the facility.

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