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Teenager Killed in Freak New Jersey Beach Accident

A family was on vacation from Maine and intended to spend a relaxing day on a New Jersey beach on Tuesday, May 17, 2022. Two teenagers on the excursion were involved in building a large hole in the sand on a private beach near Toms River, New Jersey. The pair of teens managed to craft a notably large hole before the New Jersey beach accident occurred.

As the pair of visitors from New England worked on digging the hole, the sand collapsed in onto both of them. An 18-year-old boy identified as Levy Caverley lost his life in the New Jersey beach accident. His sister, who is a 17-year-old, was treated at the scene. It is not 100 percent clear as to whether or not the sister sustained physical injuries as a result of the New Jersey beach accident involving the collapse of sand onto beachgoers.

The sister’s names had not yet been provided to the media or others as of Wednesday afternoon. The name is likely being kept away from the public because the second person involved in the Tuesday New Jersey beach accident is a minor.

The New Jersey beach accident was the second incident of its sort in the past few days. By this it is meant that this is the second time since Friday of last week that a teenager has been buried in the sand.

The other incident in which a teenager became trapped in the sane occurred at Coral Pink Sand Dunes located in Utah. Rangers at the park were alerted to a teenager trapped under the sane just beyond the area’s campground. The victim in Utah has been identified as Ian Spendlove of Santa Clara, Utah.

When first responders reached the scene of the Utah accident, they immediately commenced CPR. The youth was quickly transported to an area hospital. Unfortunately, Spendlove was pronounced dead upon arrival at the medical center.  

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