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Toddler and Mom Dead in Galveston Motel Pool Drowning

The Galveston Rodeway Inn off Broadway and near 61st Street was the scene of an incomprehensible tragedy sometime in the very early hours of May 4, 2022. A toddler and her mother were pronounced dead in a Galveston motel pool drowning accident. The facts surrounding the tragic deaths are sketchy at this time. An investigation is underway to ascertain how both a 3-year-old girl and her mother drowned in the motel pool.

The Galveston motel pool drowning accident occurred at some point in time before 1:30 a.m. on May 4. Police officers and emergency medical personnel were dispatched to the Rodeway Inn at about 1:30 a.m.

Immediately upon their arrival, emergency medical personnel began to attempt resuscitative efforts on both the adult and the toddler. The two drowning victims were transported to UTMB Galveston. At the medical center, the mother and daughter were officially pronounced dead.

Officials have identified both victims. They are 33-year-old Alissa Hunter and her 3-year-old daughter, Kylie Doyle. The drowning victims were unclothed when found in the motel pool.

A person staying at the Rodeway Inn, Gladys Glenn, reported that she heard commotion around the pool. Her motel room was located near the pool area. Upon hearing the noise, Glenn and her boyfriend stepped out their motel room. It was then that they heard a man yelling for help from the area near pool.

Glenn is trained in CPR. She quickly went to the pool with her boyfriend. Initially, Glenn was only aware of the 3-year-old girl in the pool. She began performing life saving measure on the child.

At this juncture, Glenn noticed the unresponsive woman in the pool. Glenn hollered for others to get the woman out of the water.

Glenn and her boyfriend had no information about the events that occurred prior to coming to the pool in response to the noise and calls for help. She did indicate that in addition to the now-deceased mother and daughter there was an adult male at the pool and a boy she believed to be about the age of six or seven. It’s unclear at this time as to whether or not the man and boy have a connection to the drowning victims.

Because of the time of night the Galveston motel pool drowning accident occurred, it is thought that the facilities had been closed for the evening. With that said, even during normal operational hours, motel pools rarely have designated lifeguards on duty. In other words, guests swim at their own risk and are responsible for monitoring their children.

The police have not indicated that foul play is a consideration in the Galveston motel pool drowning deaths. With that noted, investigators are working to determine what precisely proceeded the tragic deaths. To this end, local law enforcement has asked anyone with information about the Galveston motel drowning accident to contact the Galveston Police Department.

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