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Semi-Truck Accident Injures 16 Chicago High School Students

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A semi-truck accident critically injured three Chicago high school students, In addition, 13 other people were also injured when a semi-truck slammed into the school bus. A total of 26 people were on the Chicago high school bus when the catastrophic semi-truck accident occurred. The included 23 students who on the St. Ignatius College Prep high school hockey team, two coaches, and the bus driver.

The Chicago high school student athletes and their coaches were across the border from Illinois and in Indiana for a weekend hockey tournament. At the time of the accident, the students and coaches had just finished dinner in Warsaw, Indiana, and were heading to their hotel, according to a report from the police.

The student athletes in the school bus at the time of the accident were between the ages of 14 and 17. The average age of the student athletes was 15.

Police Notified of Semi-Truck Operating Erratically Prior to Collision with High School Bus

Local police were notified by dispatch that multiple reports had been received of the semi-truck that ultimately caused the accident speeding and swerving into other lanes of traffic. The Warsaw Police Department has advised that officers were on the way to intercept the reported semi. It was while en route to intercept the erratically driving that police officers were notified that the semi-truck had collided with the school bus.

Police Describe Catastrophic Accident Scene

Police officers advised that the scene of the accident was catastrophic. Investigators advised that the semi-truck slammed into the rear right side of the school bus.

One of the students had been injected from the school bus as a result of the accident. This was one of the students who are in critical condition. Two other critically injured teens were inside the bus. All of the critically injured students were transported to a hospital in Fort Wayne.

The other injured people on the school bus were taken to a medical center in Warsaw, not far from the scene of the semi-truck accident.

Semi-Truck Driver Appears to Have Been Drunk

Responding police officers advised that the semi-truck driver evidently did no sustain injuries warranting medical attention. The police described the driver as having slurred speech. The police further explained that the big rig operator smelled of alcohol.

The police performed a field sobriety test on the semi driver. He failed the field sobriety test. The police requested that the driver submit to a chemical test. The driver refused.

The semi driver has been identified by law enforcement officials as Victor Santos, a 58-year-old man from Brooklyn, New York. He has been charged with at least one felony of operating a vehicle while intoxicated causing serious bodily injury.

The school bus – semi-truck accident remains under investigation.

Legal Rights Following a School Bus Accident

If one of your children was injured in the St. Ignatius College Prep high school semi-truck accident, the legal team of The Doan Law Firm is here for you. Our school bus accident lawyers present students and families who have been injured in accidents with semi-trucks and other vehicles. You can reach our Illinois school bus accident lawyer team any time of the day or night by calling our firm at (312) 967-0000.

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