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7 Tips to Optimize Safety in a Hotel

Hotels, motels, and resorts have a legal obligation to maintain their properties in reasonably safe condition. Hotels must prioritize safety and security for their guests and employees in order to provide a safe and pleasant experience for those who visit and work at their properties. There are certain steps that can be taken to maximize safety in hotel settings, which will help ensure the wellbeing of everyone involved.

There are seven specific tactics that a hotel is reasonably be expected to employ in order to keep a property in a reasonably safe condition for guests and employees alike:

  • Establish clear policies and procedures
  • Provide regular staff training
  • Install and maintain security cameras
  • Utilize lockable doors
  • Regularly inspect guest rooms
  • Utilize security personnel
  • Provide easily accessible contact information

Establish Clear Policies and Procedures

Establishing clear policies and procedures is important when it comes to preventing accidents, managing health risks, and keeping guests safe. These policies should include the proper use of equipment, handling hazardous materials, evacuation protocols, emergency plans, first aid guidelines, and other matters related to safety.

Regularly Train Staff

Training staff on how to handle emergency situations is essential for any hotel or accommodation property. This training should cover topics such as fire safety, medical emergencies, proper maintenance of equipment, anti-harassment laws, customer service protocols, customer complaints handling processes, security protocols for employees and guests alike. Having trained staff will also help insure that employees are aware of the correct procedures for each situation that could arise within the premises.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are an important measure for ensuring the safety of hotel guests and staff members alike. Cameras can be used to monitor common areas such as lobbies or hallways at all times during operation hours or after hours when no one else is around. They can also deter criminals from attempting illegal activities such as theft or vandalism on the premises by providing evidence that can be used by law enforcement in case of an incident occurring within a hotel’s jurisdiction.

Utilize Lockable Doors

Lockable doors provide added protection against intruders or unwanted visitors entering a hotel room without permission from management or staff members first. Installing locking mechanisms like electronic key cards helps prevent unauthorized access while allowing easy access to authorized personnel if necessary. Additionally, locks with codes allow staff members access into guest rooms if necessary but restrict access outside individuals who do not know the code given by management beforehand.

Regularly Inspect Guest Rooms

It is crucial that hotels perform regular inspections of guest rooms. Regular inspections can help detect potential hazards before they turn into full-fledged disasters. Examples of what should regularly be inspected in guest rooms include:

  • Checking furniture for loose parts that may result in falls or injuries
  • Electrical wiring for fraying wires
  • Windows or sliding doors for any gaps where intruders might enter through
  • Mattresses and bedding for signs of bedbugs, other pests, or other defects
  • Water pipes
  • Faucets
  • Showers
  • Bathtubs
  • Carpets and rugs for any tears or fraying fibers
  • Kitchen appliances using gas lines
  • Fire extinguishers kept inside each room
  • Smoke detectors installed near bedrooms

It is important to stress that these inspections need to be undertaken on a proactive basis.

Utilize Security Personnel

Hiring qualified guards or security personnel helps protect the integrity of a hotel’s grounds by providing round-the-clock surveillance. Trained security personnel can also offer additional support during emergencies such as fires by helping evacuate guests safely from the premises.

Provide Easily Accessible Contact Information

Providing contact information such as emergency numbers (including fire department and police department) prominently displayed in public spaces and in guest rooms.  

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