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Charlotte Scaffolding Collapse Kills Three

Barely into the new year, on January 2, 2023, tragedy struck Charlotte, North Carolina as a scaffolding collapse at a local construction site resulted in three fatalities and multiple injuries. The scaffolding collapsed just after 9:00 a.m. while crew members were on the scaffolding preparing for the day’s activities. Witnesses reported hearing loud bangs just before the structure came down, indicating that something had gone wrong with the scaffold. Emergency services quickly arrived on the scene and administered aid to those workers who survived the Charlotte scaffold collapse.

Photos from the scene show large pieces of twisted metal, wood and other construction materials haphazardly strewn across what was a bustling worksite only a short time earlier. According to reports from those who were present at the time of the incident, it took less than one minute for the entire scaffold to come crashing down.

Response to the Charlotte Scaffolding Collapse

In response to this tragedy, city officials have announced plans for an independent investigation into why this happened and if any safety regulations were violated leading up to this event. The investigation will also look into possible preventative measures that could have been taken ahead of time which may have prevented such an occurrence from occurring. In addition, representatives from the U.S. Occupational Safety Administration or OSHA were on the scene a couple of hours after the deadly construction site accident.

Meanwhile, families of those affected by this event are still trying to make sense of what happened and receive answers about their loved ones’ condition or whereabouts following this terrible disaster. This tragedy has undoubtedly left a deep scar on many individuals and will require some time for healing before life can return back to normal for those connected to this catastrophic event.

Scaffolding Accident Statistics in the United States

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report on scaffold accidents in the United States during a five-year time period. The CDC report revealed that a total of 2,500 separate scaffold collapses occurred that resulted in 937 injuries and 29 deaths. While most fatalities were caused by falls from height onto objects below or onto pavement surfaces, some were caused by scaffolding materials falling on top of workers.

The CDC report made clear that 90 percent of scaffold accidents, including fatal incidents, could have been prevented if proper safety measures had been implemented and followed. The majority of scaffold collapses are related to human error or negligence. Examples of human error associated with scaffolding collapse accidents include:

  • Improper assembly of scaffolding
  • Assembly of scaffolding at an inappropriate location
  • Inadequate planning before work commences
  • Failure to implement suitable scaffolding safety protocols
  • Failing to inspect scaffolding equipment regularly

In addition, it is incumbent upon employers that all workers are properly trained on how to use and work on scaffolding in order to reduce their risk of injury or death from preventable accidents.

Protect Your Legal Rights After a Charlotte Scaffolding Accident

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