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Illinois Chemical Plant Explosion Fire Rages – Residents Ordered to Take Shelter

A voracious Illinois chemical plant explosion fire continues to rage Thursday morning in LaSalle, a town located about 100 miles southwest of Chicago. Residents of LaSalle have been ordered to take shelter as thick, black smoke billows from the explosion site. As of mid-morning on Thursday, January 12, 2023, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had yet to make a determination as to whether individuals exposed to the smoke from the chemical plant explosion were presented with a health risk.

No information is yet available as to when the EPA can be expected to release information to the public about potential hazards the public faces as a result of the Illinois chemical plant explosion. Residents of the area certainly are keenly interested in obtaining this information as soon as possible.

In addition to the potentially toxic smoke spreading over LaSalle and beyond, officials released a statement about another hazardous material being released in liquid form from the chemical plant. LaSalle police have alerted the general public that what is described as a “green-colored oxidizer” was released into the area surrounding the facility. The substance was not specifically identified by officials. However, they made clear that people must not touch the released chemical.

No Immediate Worker Injuries Reported

Evidently, at the time of the chemical plant explosion, workers located in the facility were able to be quickly evacuated from the premises. As of Thursday at noon, it appears that no worker has sustained life-threatening or even serious injuries.

At the present time, questions remain as to whether or not any workers have been exposed to toxic substances within the facility as a result of the chemical plant explosion. The grim reality is that oftentimes injuries sustained as a result of this type of chemical exposure are not known for some time after the explosion or other incident that resulted in workers coming into contact with harmful materials or substances.

Activities at the Illinois Chemical Plant

The Carus Chemical Company complex in LaSalle evidently manufactures a number of chemicals and products that include:

  • An oxidant that is used to treat waste water and drinking water
  • Phosphates used for corrosion control
  • Carbon capture products used for air purification

 According to its website, Carus Chemical Company is a family-owned business.

Cause of Illinois Chemical Plant Under Investigation

As of Thursday morning, no specific cause for the Illinois chemical plant explosion has been made public. It is not yet known if people associated with Carus Chemical Company or first responders yet have information about what caused the explosion in the first instance.

What is known is that the Carus Chemical Company plant explosion is now under investigation. Indeed, investigators from more than one agency are expected to be at the scene as soon as Thursday, January 12, 2023.

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