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How Skin Grafts Are Used to Treat Serious Burn Injuries

When you suffer a burn, it is a challenge to heal it. First-degree burns can sometimes heal independently. Other burns will require medical attention, such as skin grafts. After a burn, the skin can make new skin cells to replace damaged tissue. Severe burns need additional help to heal. Skin grafts can help minor or severe burns. These procedures are painful and costly. You must discuss your compensation options with a Houston burn injury lawyer at The Doan Law Firm PLLC. 

What is a Skin Graft?

Skin grafts are surgical procedures that attach healthy skin to burned skin. The burned skin must be excised before the procedures. Second and third-degree burns cannot heal naturally and require skin grafts. Skin grafts open the way for burns to heal with minimal scarring. Your medical team will weigh out your options before suggesting surgery. While scarring is minimized, it can still happen. 

Skin Graft Options 

Various types of skin grafts can help burn victims. Some are temporary, and others permanent. The skin graft you will need will depend on the severity of the injury. The different skin grafts available include allografts, autografts, xenografts, and synthetic skin substitutes. 

Temporary Burn Wound Coverings 

Some burns require temporary skin grafts. These are put on the burn victim to heal naturally or until they have enough healthy skin. Xenografts and allografts are the two main types of temporary burn wound coverings. 


Sometimes referred to as cadaver skin or homograft, an allograft uses skin donated from a human cadaver. Cadaver skin is only used as a temporary covering after the wound is excised. It is one step before opting for a permanent covering. 


These grafts are taken from animals, typically a pig. This is a more common option because it is easier accessible than a human cadaver. It is another temporary covering used until an autograph is available. 

Permanent Burn Wound Coverings

For permanent skin grafts, you have two options. You can either get an autograft or synthetic skin graft. Again this will depend on your injury severity. An autograft is when doctors take skin from the burn victim. Only the top layer of skin is taken using a razor blade. The skin that is taken will heal independently. 

Synthetic Skin Substitutes 

Doctors look for alternatives when there isn’t enough healthy tissue to cover the injury. Artificial skin is made to look like natural skin. There are two layers of skin: the dermis and the epidermis. 

Skin Graft Surgery 

Regardless of the skin graft you are getting, the process is very similar. It consists of removing the injured tissue. Then it involves selecting the donor site and removing the skin from there. Lastly, medical teams will place the skin graft over the cleaned wound to heal. You will be under anesthetic for the entire process. 

Legal Options for Serious Burns 

Skiing grafts are a way to recover from a burn injury. The recovery process will take days or weeks. You will suffer extensive losses during this time. The person responsible for your injuries must be held liable. Discuss your options with a Texas burn injury lawyer from The Doan Law Firm PLLC by calling our office.

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