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Unraveling Why Most Texas Industrial Accidents Happen Under Moderately Hazardous Conditions

If you are like most people living in the Lone Star State, and in other locations across the country as well, you may be surprised to learn that the most hazardous conditions in plants and refineries are not the settings for the highest rate of Texas industrial accidents. The fact of the matter is that most Texas industrial accidents happen under moderately hazardous conditions and not when workers are exposed to truly significant dangers.

Researchers had identified five reasons why Texas workers are more likely to be injured in moderately hazardous situations that in those that are significantly dangerous:
• Complacency
• Inadequate training
• Inadequate proper protective equipment
• Longer exposure
• Lack of oversight


Workers who are exposed to moderately hazardous conditions on a regular basis may become complacent and begin to disregard safety protocols. This can lead to injuries that could have been easily prevented. When workers become accustomed to the same risks and familiar with the working environment, they may let their guard down and not take safety precautions seriously. This is especially true for workers who have been on the job for a long time and have not experienced any accidents or injuries. Employers should ensure that their workers are aware of the risks, and they should encourage workers to report any unsafe working conditions.

Inadequate Training

Employers may not provide adequate training for workers in moderately hazardous jobs. In many instances, employes wrongly conclude that the risks are not high enough to warrant extensive training. However, even small risks can result in serious injuries if workers are not properly trained to handle them. Workers in moderately hazardous jobs should receive the same level of training as those in highly hazardous jobs. This includes training on how to use protective equipment, how to identify and avoid hazards, and how to respond to emergencies. Employers should also provide regular refresher training to ensure that workers are up-to-date with the latest safety procedures.

Inadequate Proper Protective Equipment

Workers in highly hazardous jobs are often required to wear extensive protective gear, while those in moderately hazardous jobs may not be provided with the same level of protection. This can leave workers exposed to risks that could have been prevented by the use of proper protective equipment. Employers must provide workers with appropriate personal protective equipment or PPE, considering actual hazardous faced by employees in a particular setting or situation. This includes safety glasses, gloves, hard hats, and respirators. Employers should also ensure that the PPE is in good condition and replace it when necessary.

Longer Exposure

Workers in moderately hazardous jobs may be exposed to risks for longer periods of time than those in highly hazardous jobs. For example, a worker in a factory may be exposed to dangerous chemicals for hours on end, while a construction worker may only be exposed to hazardous conditions for a few minutes at a time. This prolonged exposure can increase the risk of injury or illness, especially if workers are not given adequate breaks or rest periods. Employers should ensure that workers have regular breaks and rest periods to reduce the risk of injury or illness.

Lack of Oversight

Highly hazardous jobs are often subject to strict oversight and regulation, while moderately hazardous jobs may not be as closely monitored. This can lead to safety protocols being overlooked or ignored, putting workers at risk. Employers should ensure that safety protocols are followed at all times, and that workers are held accountable for their actions. This includes regular inspections of the workplace, reporting of hazards, and proper documentation of safety procedures. Employers should also encourage workers to report any unsafe working conditions and provide them with a safe and confidential reporting mechanism.

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