'Mountain Dew Mouth' Clinic Opens

Reports say that PepsiCo, the makers of Mountain Dew soda, have made an arrangement with an eastern Kentucky dentist to save children's teeth in after ABC News reports on the problem of tooth decay, or "Mountain Dew mouth," in the area.

The dentist, Dr. Edwin Smith, of Barbourville, Ky., has reportedly invested his own money to build a mobile dental clinic out of a an 18-wheel truck and trailer.11-year-old Anthony lives in Central Appalachia, which is No. 1 in the nation in toothlessness. Anthony hadn't been able to brush his teeth in several weeks because it hurt too much. He was treated at Kids First Dental, Dr. Edwin Smith's mobile dental clinic inside an 18-wheel truck. Smith offers free dental screenings and services to hundreds of students.

Now, several days a week, Smith travels eastern Kentucky, providing free dental visits to youth of the area. In some cases, teenagers pulled their own teeth with pliers because of tooth pain and no available dentists in the area.

The area is reportedly the top in the country in toothlessness – and one of the most popular drinks in the area is Mountain Dew soda, which is nearly everpresent. Mountain Dew has a great deal of sugar and a lot of acid, which affects the teeth more than some other sodas.

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