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University of Kansas Fraternity Banned for Five Years for Hazing and Illicit Drugs

The Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at the University of Kansas joins an ever-growing list of fraternities in the United States that have been banned on campuses as the result of hazing, illegal drug use, and other dangerous and illegal activities. The ban is in effect until the spring semester of 2026.

The fraternity received notification of a five-year ban by way of a letter from the KU Vice Provost for Student Affairs Tammara Durham on November 4, 2020. The extended ban from the KU campus and student community goes into effect on November 25. The fraternity does have the ability to lodge an appear to the university’s decision within the next 30 days.

According to university officials, the ban was initiated based on significant evidence that the fraternity engaged in hazing activities, which are fully prohibited at the University of Kansas. In addition, university officials believe that the fraternity fostered what was described as an open climate in which the use of illegal drugs was widespread among fraternity members and pledges. Pledges were forced to ingest illegal drugs. Drugs were used by fraternity members in group settings, according to the university report.

The university advised the fraternal organization that it was going to have to reestablish itself at KU and that “the current culture of the fraternity needs to change.” The Vice Provost at KU went on to note that “the preponderance of the evidence indicates members engaged in hazing activities and harm to persons on behalf of Pi Kappa Phi’s Theta Epsilon chapter. Members violated the trust of KU students and the University. In doing so, members violated their responsibility as a KU student organization.”

In banning the fraternity, KU officials indicated that the hazing undertaken by the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity was so extreme and pervasive that the illicit conduct prevented pledges from being able to study and have a normal college experience. Specific incidents of physical harm to pledges was not detailed in the initial report from the university, beyond that associated with the forced use illegal drugs during the fraternity hazing process.

The expulsion of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity from the University Kansas is only the latest in what the school calls a long, sordid history of hazing. Hazing at KU has been most prevalent among fraternities but not confined exclusively to these Greek organizations. Sororities and other student groups have engaged in impermissible and harmful hazing activities at KU as well.

The KU cheerleading program was called out for it particularly inappropriate hazing regimes. According to reports made to university administrators first year cheerleaders were blindfolded, kidnapped, and stripped. Once unclothed, college men were brought into the room where they humiliated by the women by yelling pejorative comments at them. The hazing was reported to the coaching staff, who initially did nothing because they said they did not want to “punish the older cheerleaders” responsible for the abusive ritual.

If you’ve been the victim of fraternity hazing, you may have suffered a range of different types of injuries. These may include physical injuries, damage to your academic standing, emotional harm, and other injuries arising from being the target of fraternity hazing.

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