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Six Alarming Facts About Birth Injuries

Among the most devastating types of medical malpractice cases are those involving birth injuries. The grim reality is that birth injuries impact the lives of tens of thousands of people across the United States. Understanding the widespread impact of birth injuries, you are well served having some basic information about this type of medical malpractice. This includes a consideration of six alarming facts about birth injuries in the United States.

Approximately 30,000 babies are delivered in the United States every year afflicted with some type of birth injury. When this data is broken down a bit further, that amounts to a child being born about every 20 minutes in the country suffering from some type of birth injury.

Out of 1,000 babies born in the U.S., between six to seven will have a birth injury of some nature. The average is 500 children born with birth injuries weekly. Yes, that is a relatively small percentage of the total number of infants delivered in the country each week. With that noted, another reality is that birth injuries have the prospect of resulting in life-altering consequences.

A fact about birth injuries that many people haven’t considered is the rate of this type of harm between genders. The birth injury rate for boys is significantly higher than is the case for girls. The birth injury rate among boys is about seven cases for every 1,000 births. On the other hand, the birth injury rate among girls is about five per 1,000 births.

Medical professionals make note that this is because male babies tend to be larger than their female counterparts. Thus, boys can have a more challenging time making it through the birth canal. This is a situation that raises the prospect for birth-related injuries.

An alarming reality associated with birth injuries is that over 80 percent are classified as moderate to severe. (This leaves only a fairly small percentage of birth injuries in the minor category.) Examples of what are deemed moderate to severe birth injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Nerve damage
  • Brain damage

Infant mortality rates in the U.S.A. are at about 586 deaths for every 100,000 births. The three most common causes of infant deaths are:

  • Sudden infant death syndrome
  • Low birth weight
  • Congenital malformations

20 percent of all infant deals arise from some type of birth injury. This results in birth injuries being the fourth leading cause of death among infants in the United States. In turn, this translates to approximately 135 birth injury deaths out of 100,000 births.

Despite purported advances in medical care and treatment, the rate of birth injuries has actually been on the increase in recent years. In fact, the rate of birth injuries has been on the upswing over the course of the past four decades. This reality runs counter to what has been somewhat of a reduction in other types of medical malpractice areas.

If you’ve a child who has suffered a birth injury, you need to understand his or her legal rights. The first step in protecting the legal interests of a child born with a birth defect is to schedule an initial consultation with a capable, experienced personal injury lawyer, like a member of the legal team at The Doan Law Firm.

You can schedule an initial consultation with a tenacious Doan Law Firm birth injury lawyer right now by calling us at (800) 349-0000. Our birth injury lawyer phone line is kept staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the month, 12 months a year, including all major holidays.

We can schedule a case evaluation with a birth injury lawyer at any one of our offices, which are located in 40 cities across the country. We can also arrange a consultation at your home or at any other location that is convenient for you. There is never a charge for an initial consultation with a Doan Law Firm birth injury attorney.

The Doan Law Firm makes an attorney fee promise to you. Our firm will never charge an attorney fee in your case unless we obtain a favorable settlement or judgment (in a lawsuit) for you. Our birth injury lawyer team is committed to fighting tirelessly to obtain justice and suitable compensation in your case.

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