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Lawsuits Filed Against Spill Companies

Deepwater Horizon, the owners of an oil exploration rig that sunk into the Gulf of Mexico last Thursday after a exploding into flames 50 miles off the coast of Louisiana, has rescue crews covering nearly 2000 square miles, looking for 11 missing crew members. TransOcean, the company that owns the oil rig, believes they will not be found. British Petroleum, which contracted the rig, realized almost immediately that there was the potential for a major oil spill, and crews are…

Gulf Seafood in Trouble as Oil Spill Nears

Predictions about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill have become broader. It’s just a matter of time before the spill begins to affect those not living near the Gulf Coast. The seafood industry, already besieged by import battles from third-world countries trying to dump loads of cheap shrimp and other seafood into the American market, Gulf Coast seafood concerns see panic ahead. Already about 80 percent of American-eaten seafood is imported. Gulf States produce or harvest much of the remainder…

Gulf Coast Spill Hits Tourism and Fishing Alike

With the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, fishermen, fish farmers, charter boat operators and other fish and game workers are in obvious jeopardy. But seasonal economies are also in trouble, pundits say. In addition to, surfers, sunbathers, swimmer and vacationers – as well as those who serve them – are in danger of having a devastatingly bad summer. All industries that cater to those groups of tourists, including restaurant owners, innkeepers, sporting good suppliers, are susceptible to…

Louisiana Residents Apprehensive of Approaching Spill

With the massive oil slick spreading up the Gulf Coast shoreline, some 5,000 barrels are set to impact the coast. Louisiana’s commercial fishing industry, which sells $1.8 billion of product each year, or 40-percent of the seafood caught or farmed in the lower 48 states and consumed domestically, is in peril. While the oil is just now lapping against shore, impact from the  oil spill is already being felt by charter boat captains, oystermen and shrimpers along the Gulf Coast,…

Shrimpers and Fisherman in Jeopady as Spill Heads Toward Coast

Louisiana opened a special shrimp season last week in order to allow shrimpers to try to harvest what’s salvageable before the BP oil spill washes ashore. Analysts say, however, that shrimp supplies will still be hit hard this summer. Reports say that any seafood from the Gulf Coast — shrimp, oysters, grouper, snapper, etc – were in jeopardy. The last regular supply of oysters were harvested Sunday, as farmers dug their shellfish up as quickly and frantically as they could…

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